Big Solar Storms Causing Anxiety, Fatigue & Powerful Energy Shifts Towards The End Of March

In the last couple of days, we are all excited because the Mercury retrograde has just ended and we felt the power of another strong energy wave that affected all beings on our planet.

The energy disbalance caused in the last couple of months impacted many, and those who felt the effects stronger and more intensive, know how powerful the universe can sometimes get.

This whole year is supposed to be a year of significant changes in the energy of our planet. What’s even more astonishing is the prediction of the astrologists who say that the negativity accumulated in the last couple of years will be ‘drained out’ of our planet.

However, the science also confirms these changes. The solar storms that will mark the end of the last retrograde on March 26th have the power of 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT. This energy is released in rapid shock-waves on the surface of the Sun and, also, cause strong gaseous eruptions.

We are not immune to this powerful cosmic event. The Russian Academy of Science was focused on this interesting event. They explained that the disruption of the electromagnetic fields on this planet will be something that all of us will feel. Solar storms are also believed to directly impact our nervous system, causing us to feel extra edgy, cautious, and feisty, and as though we are running on adrenaline in “fight or flight” mode. When these storms occur, we can find ourselves spun out or agitated without knowing why. We may also notice that our senses are on high alert, and that everything feels and sounds louder, brighter, stronger, and more vivid than normal.

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The divine light that radiates toward us during and after the solar-flare activity is thought to allow us to move quickly toward ascension, which may cause us to experience any of the following:

>> Pressure headaches and general aches and pains, mainly in the stomach (solar plexus) area.

>> Flushed, dizzy, or nauseous.

>> Having difficulty focusing, experiencing confusion, or having a “foggy mind.”

>> Feelings of intense hunger or thirst.

>> Extreme fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns.

>> Seemingly out-the-blue bouts of irritability, frustration, sadness, nervousness, anger, worry, fear, grief, and overwhelm.

>> Heightened awareness, enhanced intuition, having insights that seem to appear out of nowhere.

>>Premonitions, intense dreams, or nightmares.

>> Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as, flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.

>> Frequent anxiety, stress, or feeling panicky without a clear reason.

>> Temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items.

>> Seeing and feeling energy such as orbs, sparks, or flashes of light, noticing energy warming the palms of hands.

>> Appreciation that all life is sacred.

>> Noticing synchronicities, i.e., certain number patterns reappearing.

>> More consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and highly sensitive to negativity.

>> Wanting to spend time alone, introspection.

The geomagnetic storms are, though, something that doesn’t happen quite often. Anyway, for the average human is really hard to understand the importance and the true meaning of the power of the Sun and how it affects our bodies.

To prevent the strong effect on your organism, you need to use as much as possible energy that’s useful for your body. Drinking water is also a great advice. Eating healthy and well too. So, if you think that you are affected by these changes, try to change your daily routine, become more active physically to waste the energy and keep your body in the best shape possible.

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Source: Moonchild

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