Neuroscientists Finally Reveal The Number 1 Exercise For Slowing Down The Aging Process

The human body is permanently changing until the end of our lives. We are ‘cursed’ to age and our facial and body features always tell how old we are clear.

Some of us use plastic surgeries to make their bodies and faces look younger, but still, nobody can stop aging.

Anyway, people have tried to last longer and look younger since ever, so we already found many interesting and fully natural methods to ‘delay’ aging. You will be truly amazed how many simple ways there are to feel and look younger, of course, being healthy and fit in the same time, without going under the knife.

One interesting study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Journal describes how people who spend more time in physical activities are, actually, slowing down the aging process of their brain. Simultaneously, with slowing down the aging of your nerve system, your whole body ages slower. Not to mention the physical health and strength gained from the continuous physical activity.

Dr. Kathrin Rehfeld was the leader and the author of this study. She explains that a certain physical exercise has a 100% proven effect of slowing down and preventing aging, both mentally and physically. Under ‘preventing’- it means slowing the process completely for a couple of years- in other words, if you exercise and use this simple exercise as part of your daily basis, you can secure a couple of more years in your life.

Dr. Rehfeld presented the perfect exercise that will make the lives of much better. The secret is in- MUSIC! The power of music combined with the power of our own body and the positivity of our thoughts.

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Dr Rehfeld explains, “We tried to provide our seniors in the dance group with constantly changing dance routines of different genres (Jazz, Square, Latin-American and Line Dance). Steps, arm-patterns, formations, speed, and rhythms were changed every second week to keep them in a constant learning process. The most challenging aspect for them was to recall the routines under the pressure of time and without any cues from the instructor.”

Well, just dance! As you can see, sometimes the secrets for living healthy and fulfilled life are in the small, simple things.


Source: Ideapod

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