How This Double Mercury & Jupiter Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The strong disbalance in energy caused by the Mercury and Jupiter retrograde in March is something that is the hot topic in the world of spirituality in the last couple of weeks.

We finally finished the last retrograde period that began on March 21st and lasted until March 26th. Many felt the power of the universe on their own skins, but these important cosmic events have even bigger influence in our lives.

The solar storms, the double retrograde, the moon eclipses- check out how these important cosmic events will affect you according to your zodiac signs.


Become more resistant to gossips. Start believing and carrying about you and yourself only, not what others think about you or your reputation. This new mindset will enable you to think outside the box and be more relaxed and self-confident. If you succeed in your change, expect important promotion in your professional life.


You’ve been passive for too long. This winter, typically for pisces, you spent hybernating and overthinking stuff. You need to become more spontaneous and step out of hibernation. If you succesfully complete your ‘evolution’ you can expect the universe to be on your side and provide you with new amazing exciting adventures and experiences.


You recently had communication problems. You engaged easily in confrontations and you couldn’t set your thoughts and emotions straight. Aries suffer emotionally from the Mercury retrograde, but all you have to do is just listen to the others and turn your own brain off. You will be oriented more on taking care of others and respecting other’s wishes more.

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Listen up, Taurus! “Your recent spiritual quest has led you to debate with others over the mysteries of life,” Stardust tells Bustle. “While others may disagree with your newfound beliefs, don’t shut them out. Hear them out and try to keep an open mind.”


Unlikely for you, you may become very shy in social circles. You may discover some unknown secrets about yourself that may produce turbulent emotions. The process of self-acknowledgement is beginning, try to remain focused and strong emotionally, you have no reasons to worry.


You need to show open-mindedness and flexibility in life, the time for taking risks has come. During the period of retrogrades, you were in self-doubts that need to be broken now. Take radical measures to change your life. The risks you take will determine your whole future.


You can expect changes in your beliefs and the way you percept the world. You will start feeling the whole tension and negativity all around you and you will start questioning yourself if you are just another source of negativity. You will try to find emotional balance and be as positive as possible.


You’ve worked hard and fully dedicated your existence to improve the life standard and satisfy the needs of your loved ones, but now is the time to set your own boundaries. You will focus more on yourself and, if you are happy and positive enough, you may find pleasure in life once again. Your spirit needs to break free, create happy memories and nurture yourself for a change.

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Relationships can be unpredictable during retrograde, but Stardust urges you not to let that stand in your way, Libra! Don’t overthink things. Go ahead and accept a date and feel free to flirt! Even if things end up getting a little erratic, you won’t regret having had some fun.


Scorpios may find themselves confronted with major revelations and distressing information around these retrogrades. Rather than overanalyzing and spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to resolve issues from the past, focus on the future. Think about how you can make things better moving forward.


You’ve been right in the center of all happenings and activities that determined a huge change in your world. This changes affected many people you care about, but you are still the same. It feels like everything orbits and changes around you, while you’re just trying to find the exit from the tension. Take some time off, just disappear. You need rest from people, job, responsibilities, empathy, commitment etc. You just need a good rest!


Have you felt unheard, unseen, discriminated and misunderstood recently? Well, just relax and fully blame the universe! This is so common for Capricorns during the retrograde. Now you need to focus on making your point and letting the negative emotions go. Drive on positive thoughts to get back to your perfect balance.

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