Forget The Retrogrades—It’s Saturn in Capricorn That’s Really Powerful!

Mercury was in retrograde on March 22th. The same period of time Jupiter was also in retrograde earlier this month. This caused a great effect of strong energy changes on Earth and we’ve been all affected.

These changes resulted in significant changes and emotional disbalance to many. However, the whole year, 2018, is determined to be a year of changes, a year where many should truly acknowledge themselves and, on global levels, people on Earth and many other beings will release a huge amount of negative energy.

This means that after the turbulent emotional disbalances and changes, we are supposed to get rid of negativity. This change should result in improvement of the world standard and less suffering.

In this article, we will talk about Saturn. Saturn entered the sign of Capricorn since December and will move on to other signs including Aquarius. In astrological belief, Saturn symbolizes structure and authority, and both Saturn and Capricorn are associated with patriarchal structures and figures like industry, banking, business, and fathers. Periods of time during which Saturn moves through Capricorn tend to feature big changes in the relationship between the people and government—or so holds the lore, pointing to previous Saturn in Capricorn periods like 1929-1933, 1959-1962 and 1989-1991 as proof.

The Great Depression, end of the Weimar Republic, the election of John F. Kennedy, introduction of the birth control pill, fall of the Berlin Wall and shift from hair metal to grunge are all radical events that happened when Saturn moved through Capricorn. So if smashing the patriarchy from 2017 to 2020 gets a little turbocharge from the planet, so be it.

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As you can see, all of these important events happened after Saturn enters Capricorn. This year, as you already calculated, we have the retrogrades (not to mention the moon eclipses, the previous and the ones who follow) and we will have a strong process of draining negativity and becoming ‘better’ on global rankings.

Becoming better means evolving in every possible segment of society and improving the living standards of most of the people. Of course, the connection of the micro-macro cosmos plays a vital role. Because of that, try to focus on becoming a better individual and use the cosmic energy to rise above your own conscious and subconscious issues to grow into a better person.

Source: Quartzy

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