On The Sacred Love That Twin Flames Share…

The cosmic interchange of divine love in marriage is meant to be the same creative love that framed the universe in the beginning.

This creative flow can be expressed not only in physical union but also during cycles of dedicated celibacy as each partner goes within, to commune with his beloved.

The exchange of the energies of the sacred fire in sexual union is for the transfer of spheres of cosmic consciousness—causal bodies of light.

The light energy resulting from this fusion enhances the positive qualities of each of the partners and strengthens their own divine identity—enabling them to carry their shared burden of karma.

When this exchange is not spiritualized through a recognition that God is both the lover and the beloved, the two individuals may experience physical pleasure, but they also unknowingly take on each other’s karmic patterns without the benefit of a spiritually transmutative love.

The soul is adamant: it wants resonance, it wants freedom, it wants union – and it wants it NOW.

The souls magnetize each other and we truly feel the magical Universe at play through the synchronicities and signs that surround us.

Maybe like many others it is being made clear to us, from within, that it is time to leave our marriage – not because of the promise of a blissful Union but because our own soul demands it.

The soul does not make mistakes. It knows the path that it wants to follow.

Twin flame journey is all about awakening above the earthly concepts, coming out of these typical templates like marriage / society / society thinking dos and don’ts of society.

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This journey is all about understanding love, and the power of love which is above of all.

In this journey twin flames are supposed to — overcome the conventional thinking patterns, break the old society templates and progress spiritually.

Source: Soul Travel Rules

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