4 Signs Of A Transcendental Enlightenment You Should Never Ignore

Another hidden gem for all of those who love to dive deeper into the world of spirituality and the spiritual techniques- in this article we share the 4 signs of transcendental enlightenment that you should never ignore.

The universe offers us uncountable opportunities. Some people will say that we are trapped in the 3-Dimensional reality, but some others will confirm that we have the ability and power to escape the mind ‘prison’. Our spirits go way above the 3-Dimensional reality and our subconsciousness is always inquisitive for new discoveries and experiences.

On the other hand, we are all connected and we are part of the whole energy that’s circulating through the wide cosmos. The ‘awakened’ people are able to directly see and understand this. Anyway, they are not able to fully discover the true nature of the universe, but they are able to acknowledge their own true nature and seek spiritual enlightenment and divinity.

If you are awakened person and transcendentally enlightened these are the signs that are clear indication that you are on the right way to a spiritual enlightenment:

1. You Are Mesmerized By Metaphysics

Your spirit starts asking questions that, trough your subconsciousness, start bothering you seriously. You want to know what ‘the beginning’ of all is. You want to understand the concept of time and space and go even further. Also, your intuition tells you that you should ask ‘louder’ and start some kind of a ‘spiritual journey’.

2. Material Things Lose Significance

The material world is losing its former value. Now, you see everything with different eyes. Of course, you value the things in this world that matter even if they are of material nature, but you have a balanced system where respect for all things and all beings dominates. You are more oriented to the spiritual world and you focus on using the positive energy to communicate and influence others.

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3. Empathy Is Becoming Your Strong Suit

Willingly or not, you start to connect more with people. Like we said, your ways of communication, expression and bonding may be weird and different, but your sense of empathy is highly developed. You become an empath and it affects your way of life that is slowly changing, especially when it comes to your social connections.

4. You Are No Longer Afraid Of Death

You are way above that. Honestly, all people are bothered by the fact that one day they will die. That’s the only permanent and guaranteed thing in life. However, if you’re close to seeking spiritual enlightenment, your senses will be focused elsewhere and you will find your own way to understand the circle of life and death.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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