The Animal You See First, Reveals The Essence Of Your Soul

The way our subconsciousness works will often leave us completely breathless. People spent lifetimes studying the human nature, especially our ‘hidden’ side of our souls that is compared to the large icebergs.

We see only a small part of what lies beneath. In this article we will present an interesting test that is supposed to tell a lot about you, to make an interesting comparison between you and your potential spiritual animal, and all of this just by looking at one picture.

Look at the picture below carefully and answer the following question:



The Dove

Dove is the bird that symbolizes hope, peace and bonding. Your spirit is cleand and pure like a tear and you drain positivity out of everything. You are bringer of light and you inspire others too. You are not obsessed with the material reality, but you care about the spiritual aspects of life and the true virtues of one human being.

The Butterfly

If you saw the butterfly first, then it means you are a gracious person that glistens with elegance and style. You know how to recognize and enjoy a true pleasure and you value every moment of it. You also love excitement and glamour, you can’t stand boredom and monotony. You are constantly in search of adventure and passion.

The Eagle

The eagle is a representation of free will and unchained spirit. You reached the heights of your existence and you are above everybody else close to you. Your insight and wisdom are useful for the people around you, but you will never attach to anything and anyone. However, you are a person of noble nature and you will be always available for those who have pure hearts.

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The Dog

The dog represents loyalty, family and determination. You are a person of strict rules, values and norms. Your success and reputation are widely known and you are trusted as a reliable and useful person. You are easy going and know how to share joy and happiness.

The Wolf

You just love your privacy and individuality! Your way of life and the methods you chose to describe your personality of a loner. You are picky when you are supposed to let anyone enter your ‘precious’ world, but when someone enters, you are loyal to them until the last day of your life. You are also a wise and enlightened person.

The Mantis

The mantis also represents loneliness, but is a sacred creature, admired and worshiped by many ancient civilizations. You want to dig deeper in things, you can’t stand small talks and you won’t afford yourself to waste your time. You want to be productive, but in the same time, you want to spend the time to invest in your knowledge and use your intelligence to grow as a person.

Source: MysticalRaven

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