Magnesium Found to Treat Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs, Study Says

Depression is the modern plague of the 21-st century human, together with anxiety, stress and all the others unwanted, but, seemingly, undodgeable ‘curses’ of the modern way of living.

Scientists, psychologists, and pharmaceutical companies invest too much time and energy in finding the best healing method how to help people deal with this issue. However, just a little research on the internet can show you that they don’t really care about anything else, but PROFIT!!

The truth is painful, right? However, there are many ways to treat and fight depression. A breakthrough nutritional study conducted at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and published in PLoS ONE has found that just 248mg of magnesium per day leads to an astounding reversal of depression symptoms in study subjects.

“New clinical research results show magnesium is effective at addressing symptoms and is safer and easier on the wallet than prescription therapies,” reports Science Daily, echoing the reporting of Natural News from over a decade ago. Today, even mainstream science is now confirming that magnesium is a safe, affordable and effective treatment for depression.

This interesting new study explains very well that we should focus on taking natural substances because they have no side effects. The American government, for instance, is trapped beneath the millions of appeals and amendments that disable them to find the proper solution to install the perfect suitable and affordable health insurance for all citizens.

This is caused by the giant pharmaceutical companies who want more and more profit. The idea of ‘free market economy” is perfect, but it allows you to take whatever you want to heal yourself, including natural medicine. That’s why the pharma-giants try to find every possible way to sabotage the natural medicine or try to keep us misinformed and ignorant, meanwhile promoting new dangerous and unnatural drugs.

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