5 Reasons Why Strong People Let Karma Take Care Of It

Being a strong and an independent person could be determined by many factors. However, people living in the material 3-D reality only are having quite a simple way of serving justice and showing their independence and personal emotional and physical strength.

People who are wise and spiritually strong never bother with revenge. Having a revenge means being obsessed with something that is a source of hatred and negativity. To hate something or someone requires a lot of energy it is truly exhausting and surrounds you with a low-frequency vibration of pure negativity.

Those who are spiritually strong wait for the karma to do the job. In this article, we share the 5 most common and important reasons why strong people let karma take care of it.

#1 It’s much more satisfying to watch karma take care of it.

They say revenge is served cold. To let karma serve it is the ‘coldest’ possible way. On the other hand, the verge of events that lead to karma serving justice is something beautiful that explains how powerful are the mystical ways of the universe and how important justice is.

#2 Letting karma do it for you keeps your hands clean.

Like we already said, people who do bad things to others will be chased by their own bad karma and sooner or later bad things will happen to themselves too. Being obsessed with revenge will put you in the closed circle of bad blood and that will ruin your spirit and drain your positive energy.

#3 You know you need to pick your battles.

Wise and strong people know how to carefully chose their battles. Of course, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself and defend your honor, but in some situations, confronting and making the issue bigger will only complicate the things and make you suffer, even if your actions are justified.

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#4 If you take revenge for yourself the consequences could be dire.

Wise people know how to take consequences of their actions. You need to acknowledge yourself and the way universe works. You have no right to be the judge, but you have the opportunity to choose if you’re going to be patient, positive, relaxed and progressive, or you will dive deeper in the pool of negativity until you choke to death.

#5 The best revenge is living well.

This is the best possible advice of them all! If you are a strong and wise person, you already know the true nature of humans. They are just jealous and the best way to hurt someone who tries to sabotage you is to be successful. Growing in the best version of yourself, living happy and fulfilled life is the best weapon to destroy those you want to see you fall.

Source: MysticalRaven

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