Proof That Human Energy Is Much Stronger Than We Ever Realized

The power and mysticism of the universe are what inspired people for centuries. The sky is the limit, they say, but there is a lot above and beneath. The energy, the ‘breath’ of our Creator or Beginning, is what all beings in the universe are made of and represent.

An energy field, or electric field, is a physics term used to describe the magnetic fields created in the space surrounding electrically charged particles. Because of our electrically charged particles, our cells and tissues generate electrical fields.

This is typically referred to as an “aura,” although it’s a bit more complicated than that. Should you like to get into the science behind this, here is some information surrounding the possible physics of human energy fields.

The flow of the energy could be easily interrupted. The radical changes in energy on individual and global levels are also very common and even visible for those who already acknowledge the ‘truth’.

However, our lives are determined by the energy. The decisions we make in life would’ve been much better if we recognize both our material and spiritual existence in the universe.

To recognize this energy you should start meditating and learning different spiritual practices that will lead to your spiritual existence. Soon you will acknowledge many ‘miracles’. For example, you will learn how to channel your energy or even heal others! You will learn that human’s energy could interrupt even electronic devices and vice versa.

The truth in this universe has two sides- material and spiritual. People who determined their lives in finding balance and acknowledging the two ‘worlds’ are definitely those who live fulfilled lives without hesitation to live like everyday is their last.

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Understanding your own energy flows and learning how to manipulate your chakras will, at least, let you have a better control over all processes in your body and better, deeper touch with your inner-self. This energy is proved by the spiritual and science communities, the human is much more stronger, powerful and divine than you could ever imagine.

Source: Humansarefree

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