World’s Leading Psychiatrist Reveals 22 Rules of Life That Can Shift Your Life 180 Degrees

One of the greatest psychiatrists in the world, Mikhail Litvak, sold over 5 million books in circulation and released over 30 books and editions of his dedicated life purpose- to help people understand themselves and overcome their mental issues.

He comes from Russia, but has a world fame that’s building higher and higher through the years. He has a EAP certificate, PhD and is an active author. He has a great life experience, as well as great experience with patients from all around the world, all ages, races and profiles.

He has released 22 tips how to succeed in life and forge stronger bondings with the people you love:

1. Plan your actions- if you plan your actions, happiness will naturally come.

2.All people have knowledge, both young and old. ut for those who are immature, the application of this knowledge is not easy whereas the mature person utilizes it and converts it into action. This is the reason the former cannot do anything much, other than criticizing everyone else.

3. Learn how to be master of your own destiny and live your life for yourself only.

4. Do not discard people, some people move faster at the same pace while some others are slower. Everyone deserves respect.

5. If you want to be a daydreamer and fantasize about things, you should focus on the real world. Make your fantasies dreams that could be achieved. That will give you a strong motive and moral boost to fight harder.

6. You won’t be ever able to pelase everyone at the same time. People make compromises, so try to see it that way.

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7. Instead of spending your time with a shallow person in the name of company, invest it in a book. It will be more entertaining as well.

8. Someone who can’t praise themselves will inevitably start criticizing others. And this is when they have nothing much to talk about.

9. The idea that there is a difference between male logic and female logic is illogical in itself. You are either wise or you’re not.

10. Don’t let others make you overconsumed by guilt or some irrational blames on your side. Don’t let be in dept to those who will try to use you and play you for their own profit.

11. People who are truly happy don’t really care about ther reputation, they love how they see themselves in their own skin.

12. Your biggest enemy is not someone lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to slip up. Your biggest enemy is you and facing this enemy can be really tough.

13. If you really have an uncontrollable urge to dig into things, dig into the details of philosophy or science, not into each other’s back.

14. You should be way above criticism and insults, especially from mean and jelaous people.

15. If you truly want something, you won’t be afraid to ask for it, or even fight for it if you’re not given a permission. Love is the strongest force and you should use it.

16. You can’t chase happiness. You will find it when you least expect, but you should determine to become the best version of yourself to make it happen.

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17. Talking to your friends is a good thing no doubt. But when you talk with those who are your enemies, you learn so many new things. Your own shortcomings are just a few of the things. It is rather better to listen to your enemies, than friends.

18. Depression is bad, and frightful and hard. But it is also an opportunity to look deep within yourself. And find out what are the things that have been driving you forward or turning away.

19. Being in a relationship means making a contract. The same applies to the place you work or your business partnerships. Be always loyal! Invest yourself fully and be open in front of your partner.

20. Don’t be afraid to talk with anyone, even those who you are being afraid of could become your allies.

21. If you are stuck in loneliness and you face it often, you don’t need to be afraid- it is a sign of maturity and wisdom.

22. Share your happiness! You must learn how to share and spread happiness and positive energy.

Source: DailyPositiveInfo

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