The 3 Best-Kept Narcissist Secrets That’ll Make Everything Clear

Narcissists are considered to be ‘special’, both on their own and the eyes of all others. They are people who work in a very strange way and their self-indoctrination is certainly based on their strong love for themselves and themselves only.

The spirit of the narcissists is strong only when they are evaluated as the best, richest, smartest, strongest etc. However, they are not always ‘visible’ to us, they camouflage perfectly and often they will install themselves in the society and social groups excellently.

They could even start a family, make a great career, have many friends etc. Anyway, sooner or later all hell breaks loose. Their secrets are always revealed and people start suffering. Narcissists, as we said, are able to launch themselves in the wide open world and society, but they are always self-centered despite their hard efforts to keep their true personality secret.

These are the 3 best-kept narcissist secrets:

Narcissists will not appreciate anything you do to accommodate and placate them.

Their partners will do anything to please them, they will even sacrifice themselves for the good of their narcissist partner. Their family will, also, show appreciation, support and even material (financial) back up if needed, but that’s never enough for the narcissist!

In fact, nothing is ever enough for them. Maybe they will feel better after your support and attention (subconsciously), but their huge ego will disable them to see the things clearly as they are. They will be always looking for more and will never be satisfied or truly respect others.

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Narcissists DO know exactly how to reel you in

Narcissistic-type individuals truly do have a sixth sense when it comes to snagging people into relationships with them, and it doesn’t have anything to do with their target’s status, wealth, or intelligence. These toxic individuals are able to detect vulnerability and loneliness in others. Generally, these states of being originated in childhood and/or early adulthood and were intensified through unsuccessful relationships and life events.

They are true predators that know very well how to use the situation in their favor and manipulate people to do whatever they want. They are cunning and crafty, they spontaneously play people like dummies.

Silent treatments work best after you’ve isolated yourself from your friends and family

This is their darkest secret, probably. After their ‘honeymoon’ phase passes, they will try to isolate their partners from the people they truly love and care about. Family, friends, colleagues… The narcissists want you fully for themselves. The other people are seen as a threat. This sounds absurd, but narcissists don’t want to share anything, even the people they are in a relationship into.

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