If You Experience Any Of These 8 Signs You Are An Angel In Training…

All of us are sent to Earth for a specific and sacred purpose. This place is our platform for evolution.

Initially, we caught ourselves imprisoned by the wheel of dissatisfaction, searching for things that gratify our sensations. But our purpose here is much different!

Kaya and Christiane Muller point out that we can all “walk between both worlds” and become the highest forms of ourselves. This, for them, is the essence of an Angel in Training.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are connected to the Angelic Kingdom.

As an angel in training, we’re here to evolve and discover our true purpose on this planet.

Thus, the spiritual goal of each one is to discover and develop the Divine power within one’s self.

If you experience any of these 8 signs you are an angel in training:

1. Your thirst for knowledge is immeasurable.

Learning is paramount to you. You keep on accumulating knowledge every day of your life. You are passionate about learning. You love learning about spirituality, science and the nature especially! This is what makes you different from others.

2. Your mood changes drastically.

You have mood changes quite frequently. One day, you’re up and sense life and light. The next, you’re down, sad and drained of energy. One day you are spiritually aware with a high clarity of mind, another day you can’t concentrate on anything!

3. You have endless questions that pop up in your mind.

Questions come up in your mind endlessly. And you’re always trying to figure out the answers. You can’t let a question stay unanswered even though some of them are really hard philosophical things people spent their whole lives answering. Some of your friends, who are not engrossed with the same activity as yours, seem to get by alright. You then wonder, who is much happier: them or you?

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4. You want to be right and just all the time.

This makes you too intense at times and feel not enough at other times. It’s like you are here to establish justice, and no matter how small it is, you value it far above anything else.

5. You feel some discrepancies.

You always sense that something’s not right. This makes you think, it might be your fault or others, though, you don’t understand why you feel it in the first place. Like something is just not right with reality and it’s you who needs to fix it.

6. You foresee events.

You have the sense to foresee events before they happen. You somehow know things you’ve never read anywhere simply through your intuitive knowledge.

7. You are extremely sensitive.

You are so sensitive that you find patterns everywhere. Gradually, you start to feel people’s intentions or messages behind their every word.

8. You frequently see repetitive numbers.

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, or sometimes during the day seeing repeating numbers, like 111, 333, 555.

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