Mercury Goes Direct In Aries, April 15, 2018: Perspective & Love

The biggest cosmic events that already occurred in 2018, as it seems, were just a nice preparation for what comes next. All of the people who love ‘spending time’ with themselves in various spiritual practices and meditation, have another great opportunity to check their limits- Mercury in retrograde on April 15th!

2018 is certainly considered to be the year that will determine radical changes and spontaneous small ‘evolution’ of humanity. According to the experts, these changes should help people acknowledge themselves and find a proper way to erase the negativity. The whole negative energy from all beings on Earth should be drained.

Of course, we mentioned many times before that this is a ‘painful’ and chaotic process, especially during the retrogrades, blood moons etc. However, according to the strict rules of the universe itself, after the total chaos comes the perfect order. Now, let’s focus on the upcoming event.

The planet ruling communications, Mercury, is one of the most important ones, especially in the age of technology when everything happens that much faster with respect to communications.

If this sounds like you at the present time, then rejoice: the trickster is resuming direct motion on April 15, at 4°46 Aries, lifting the veil of brain fog and intellectual disarray to reveal a glimpse of things as they are – one that will turn into a full view once Mercury is out of the shadow zone, on May 3 (16°54 Aries).Still, there’s a caveat: the direct station happens while Mercury in Aries is hit with an unsparing square from none other than the taskmaster, Saturn, currently in Capricorn. Regardless of the fierce Aries New Moon happening afterward, we are asked to move slowly, to focus without being sidelined, to refrain from charging full steam ahead.

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If you are smart, you will use this advantage given by the power of the universe to get rid of all of the unneeded frustrations and doubts. This is the time when you need to focus on improving the ways you communicate and behave in social groups.

The most important thing is to remain calm and not be afraid. See this as an opportunity to find out more about yourself with the ‘special bonus’ to use the global energy to become the best version of yourself.

Source: MysticalRaven

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