What Do The Shape of Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality?

The traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy offer a whole diapason of different concepts that pragmatically describe the power of the universe and the power of our spirit.

In this article, we will remain focused on one interesting concept. Have you ever thought that the shape of your hands, actually, could reveal a lot about your personality? The Chinese medicine, for example, use the hands of human to detect many illnesses and cure people using bioenergy only.

This method/indoctrination of the human hand is called Palmistry in the Chinese tradition. Each type of hand represents one of the 5 elements of Earth. Check the picture below and find out what your pick says for your personality:

What do the shape of your hands reveal about your personality?

#1 Earth Hand

People of Earth hands have thick palms and thick fingers. The base of their thumbs is also thick and fleshy. They have large or thick wrists to support their palms and their skin could be coarser than others.

These people are modest, humble, natural and they have no apetite for hypocrisy or intrigues. They are hard-working, loyal and have warm heart. However, they are not patient and don’t forgive easily. They base their relationships on mutual trust and sincerity.

#2 Fire Hand

People with fire hands have palms which are long and their fingers, too, add to the length of their hands. The nails can be pointed but their knuckles are not that well-defined.

People who have the fire hand are often extremely ambitious and they are natural born leaders. They have the courage needed even in the hardest and most complicated situation- they are quick thinkers and base their decision fully on their intelligence and ratio. However, their huge self-awareness make them sooner or later lose themselves in the huge ocean of emotions. Establishing romantic relationship could also be an issue.

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#3 Water Hand

People with water hands have palms which are smooth but the fingers could be stubby. The nails are usually long and the knuckles not well-defined. The fingertips of people with water hands are round in shape.

If you picked this, it means you are an adaptible person ready to develop, grow and adapt according to the situation. You are non-judgmental and accept others. On the other hand, you have a great reputation and people love you.

#4 Wood Hand

Wood hands are long, slightly skinny and have the bone structure revealing. The knuckles are usually well-defined and the thin bones may appear oblong. The features are extremely sharp and distinctly visible.

People of wood hands are usually the creative sorts. Their minds are hard-wired to observe the minute details and they are meant to create things which are aesthetically pleasing. Being highly creative, they tend to live in a world of their own and like keeping to themselves. This also means that they do not fall in love easily but if they do, they get extremely attached.

#5 Metal Hand

Metal hands usually have square-shaped nails, palms, and fingers. The palms are soft, fleshy, and elastic. They can distinctly be identified by the thick base of the palms and uniform rectangular-shaped elongation towards the nails.

These are the people who always have a methodical, entrepreneurial and logical approach to all things. They love to tactic, but on the other hand, they don’t handle stress and unexpected(unpleasant) surprises too much.

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