4 Easy & Effective New Moon Rituals That Can Transform Your Life

The traditions of the ancient people who lived before us and lived in a completely different way than us, left a strong mark even in the everyday lives of millions of people.

The difference between the past and the present is mostly in the view of the world and the existence of this planet in general. Today’s people are obsessed with the material side of the existence. The material reality always comes first and is most important. Because of that, and neglecting many other important things in the nature of our planet and humanity, many of us are struggling with both physical and mental illnesses and diseases.

In this article we will try to share information to all of those who still believe in the power of energy and spirituality. Just 4 simple moon rituals that are supposed to help you improve your life and keep good mental and physical balance.

The importance of new moon was great in the world of spirituality since archaic times. It is believed that the new moon gives us focus, attention, confidence and courage. Now, take a look at the rituals that will help you use the power of the new moon for your own benefit.


Sagging and using different kinds of air-cleaners (natural ones only!) will help you reach the top of the sattisfaction and tranquility given by your surroundings.To clear space for new things to come into your life, the old energies need to be removed—specifically any dense stagnant energy that is no longer serving you.. An easy way to do so is to go around your house, your room, and especially the space by the front door (an invitation for new things coming) while burning sage or with a burning candle (white color ideally but any light color should work, just be in tune with how that specific color makes you feel before using it).

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After clearing out your surroundings, detoxing your body and mind is equally important. You know best where you are at in your cleansing process. If there is something you still cannot let go of, this ritual will prove to be beneficial. At the same time, this ritual can be used for getting into a meditative state and releasing your requests for manifestation into the universe.


Meditation is something that all of us should do in our free time. It simply beautiful way to express ourselves in the other dimensions and find inner peace. Doing a meditation during the new moon can be used in at least three different ways. First, it can help you get clear on what is going on in your mind and heart. It can help access repressed emotions and thoughts so you can let them go—forgive them, love them, and let them go.


Finally, a fan favorite, it is incredibly beneficial to journal at this time. You can use a journal you always use or you can buy one specifically to use just during the new moon—this will create a manifestation trigger in your mind. Every time you see it, you’ll instantly tune into the manifestation energy.

You must learn to let go of the negative energy. You must become the master of your own decisions, mind, and body. Being in charge will give you clear insight, confidence, and stability.

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Source: Spiritsciencecentral

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