When Your Twin Flame Is Dating Someone Else

The twin flame connection is something sacred. This connection between two souls has roots at the beginning of the universe itself. It is a connection that shifts through time and dimensions in the pattern of past and future lifes.

However, the twin flame connection is not always supposed to be ‘perfect’ First of all, many twin flames are not even able to forge a strong bonding in that certain life and dimension because of many external factors.

One of the worst, if not the worst thing that could happen to a twin flame is if his significant half dates someone else. That is a true nightmare. We don’t even need to mention that not all twin flame relationships are good, but sometimes, life can make a total disaster even to those who represent one united soul.

What should you actually do if you are in this kind of situation? First of all, you MUST understand the situation and use logic, rationalism and remain free of all emotions to make the best decision how to act.

The Role of Karma:
Before getting into an exclusive relationship, karma has to play its part. Specific transformations are needed before you unite with your twin flame. Once that karmic cycle is over, your twin will able to recognise you and understand your position in the life.
Balance is Important
Balancing your life is essential for the union. At the time of twin flame meetings, most of the people are out of balance. They carry more negative energies and their life is a complete mess. They need to attain balance to gain whatever is coming ahead.

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The ‘hit’ is too heavy, actually, but twin flames are special kind of people who are able to use their inner strength to raise above their issues. There are few things to do to keep your mental and physical side both in good shape.

#1: Meditate:
Meditation is the best solution whenever your mind is straying towards being negative. It increases focus and helps to attain the balance that is necessary to have a better life. It will also aid you in lowering your worries about your twin. You will love them in your heart but won’t get tensed by seeing them with someone else.

#2: Love Yourself:
Love yourself if you are not doing this already. If you want to get love, then you should also learn to love yourself. Tell yourself that you are beautiful in your heart and soul and your twin will recognize you. Remain confident that everything will turn out right when the time will come.

#3: Don’t Pity Yourself
You have found your twin, and you know how it feels like, but seeing them with someone else could make you furious, but as you are unable to do anything now, you start to pity yourself. Don’t do that because it wasn’t your fault after all. Your twin is already in a relationship because they didn’t meet you first.

The best possible advice is to stay patient and learned how to truly move on. Detach from all things from the past and stay strong from the inside and the outside.

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