People With Anxiety Have These 5 Science-Backed Super Powers

To feel anxious is certainly an unpleasant feeling, but to fight anxiety in fierce battles every single day is a display of a living horror. However, in this article, we will focus on something ‘unorthodox’- the positive side of being an anxious person!

People who struggle with anxiety on daily basis are experienced and already acknowledge their ‘state of mind’. These people subconsciously or even consciously recognize the defensive mechanisms of anxiety. We will share some of those traits because they are exceptional and very useful.

Anyway, people with anxiety will never see it that way. They all want the sickening feeling to disappear once and for all, but still, they use their ‘special abilities’ to handle life better, especially in their complicated situation.

Living with anxiety
1. Increased empathy

Anxious people make huge efforsts to understand themselves. They are focused on the emotional side of each human being including themselves. Because of that, they have a strong empathic side. Even if they are not naturally empaths, they will feel strong weakness when it comes to the emotions of others (of course, if they are not socially-anxious; that’s a specific type of anxiety)

2. Increased IQ
Anxiety makes you repeatedly go over and analyze all your previous experiences and think of others ways those situations could have ended. A higher than average IQ is required to dissect and rationalize all that information. Scientists in NY have conducted studies that also prove this.

3. Lie detectors
As we already said, anxious people, build their own mechanism. The constant, unknown fear they live in makes them perfect lie detectors. They have a ‘sixth sense’ for liars and undecent people, not to mention that they are very cautious. This helps them stay protected from negativity and manipulation.

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4. Life-saving instincts
Again, their state of mind makes them both mentally and physically prepared for ‘the worst’. They don’t even know what that is ( actually there is nothing they should be really afraid of, but it has something to do with guilt, traumas, radical changes etc; science still hasn’t particularly confirmed with certainty what causes anxiety), but they are always ready to use their instincts to protect themselves. This applies to things like catching cold, the precaution in traffic, social reserved etc.

5. Sensing other people’s energy
This is another special ability. As you can already notice, it is an ability natural for an empath, just like some of the other abilities above, but it’s something strongly unusual for an average human being. The energy of other people cause a strong impact on empaths, they are able to feel it immediately.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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