8 Reasons Why People With Good Heart People Turn Into Monsters

This is one of the most painful topics. We all know how good-hearted people sometimes turn into monsters. The question is: what and who is responsible for the dangerous transition and evolution of one human’s spirit?

First of all, you need to be aware that these people are not evil, but they are too damaged and you will see why. They are just humans and humans are the most adaptable and flexible creature living on this planet. Our intelligence and super-ego are also strong defensive mechanisms. The core of the human nature, combined with all of the things above result in the strong and unpleasant transformation.

These are the most common situations why the good and loving people sometimes turn into ‘monsters’:

1. When they give and they give without getting anything in return

This actually is the first step to destroying a good-hearted person. The good people are always generous and they want to share. They find satisfaction and joy in helping others and giving them material benefits. However, if they are literally used by someone else, they will start rotting inside. They also want to be shown attention and they also love presents. Being taken for granted makes them furious.

2. Lack of solitude

Everybody needs a private time, not for some ‘necessary’ intimate things, but for cleaning and clearing our thoughts and for nurturing our spirit. These people tend to stress out more and more as their chances of finding peace and solitude decrease. Without those, they are unable to rest and rejuvenate.

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3. Letting resentment build up

These people are humble and gentle. They are not going to keep negative thoughts and energy from the past, but if you let yourself use it against them, you will certainly regret. They want and appreciate positivity and high-frequency energy all around them, that’s why they won’t ever continue a vicious circle, but they are not stupid! If you abuse their good heart, they will soon turn against you and their anger is most often huge and furious, because their anger had been suppressed for too long.

4. Trying to be stoic at all times

Keeping in your feelings and pretending to be stoic no matter what affects a lot of people these days. It’s important to allow yourself to feel and to acknowledge those feelings, whether they are positive or negative. The good people are mostly stoicists. They just won’t bother you with their feelings, nor let you acknowledge their inner profile. Their wall around them is protective, they want to protect others from their own issues. They are reserved and sometimes the suppressed emotions may outburst.

5. Allowing others to provoke them

They don’t like provocations, just like every single human being, but they are not going to stand up and defend their dignity. Truly evil people may take the advantage and go viciously over the limits of provocation and even enter in a transparent attack. The good people won’t bother too much with little provocations, but if they become toxic part of their social life, cancer that eats their pride, they will certainly change.

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6. Thinking that they are stagnant

This could be also called ‘the wake-up call’. Actually, even some of the best people on Earth may inflame a huge revolt inside their souls and change completely because they believe they’ve stagnated for too long and their behavior stopped the whole progress in their lives. The natural need for dominance and embracing the ego starts working.

7. Bullies

Bullies from the past cause strong mental impact on these people. They are continuously confronted by bullies, that’s a natural social process, but has devastating effects. Often, the bullied become bullies. The physical and mental terror, especially in front of others play a significant part in forming the personality of one human being since the youngest age.

8. Rage

Rage in its purest form is one of the strongest emotions. Sometimes, just rage could reshape one person’s personality. Be aware that the constant stress and anger represent a whole years-long process of developing the inner-self of one person. Constant rage and anger lead to turning a person into a monster.

Source: DailyPositiveInfo

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