Forgiveness Isn’t Weakness – Do Not Let Anger Hold You Back &Weigh You Down

If you are able to forgive, then it means you are a noble and strong person. If you think that it’s easy to forgive, then you make the biggest mistake of your life.

Forgiveness is something that many spiritual and religious beliefs are based on. Forgiveness is a pure display of power and divinity. Why? Because ending a vicious circle is way harder than actually starting one and, also, finding your own spiritual strength and tranquility to forgive someone makes you a truly better person.

The essence of forgiving, or the ‘secret’, is very simple: you can forgive others AFTER you will be able to forgive yourself.In the past, I have engaged in acts of revenge, which I thought was the right thing to do at those times. I was wrong.

One event that springs to my mind was when I was the target of a cruel prank. A group of guys had taunted a young man I knew, telling him that he was “whipped” by his girlfriend, who lived with him. To prove this wasn’t true and that he could “get anyone he wanted,” he pretended to like me and proceeded to call, text, and show an interest in me.

I didn’t know that he had a girlfriend, and I liked him, so I went along with this, unaware of the game. I soon found out what was going on. So, what did I do? I released all hell and vengeance.

I was hurt and embarrassed on so many levels to be the butt of a cruel joke. I felt like everyone was laughing at me behind my back. In retaliation, I contacted his girlfriend, went to their house, and showed her all the messages. We even got him to message me back while I was with her. We then waited for him to come home as we both sat there.

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She had thrown all his stuff outside and torn his clothes. She cut his guitar strings in front of him and kicked him out. Did I feel satisfied? I thought I did, but a few days later I felt so guilty. This guy was now homeless, the girl heartbroken, and I looked like a home wrecker. I know I did the right thing in being honest; I just went about it the wrong way.

I have since learned the power of forgiving—both others and myself.

As you can learn from this story, forgiveness is powerful and gives a special feeling of tranquility and pure satisfaction. Why? Because deep inside even on a subconscious level, you are certain that you are doing the right thing. Forgiveness is a blessing- the smart people will always give a second chance and get rid of all negativity trapped inside their souls.

Source: Tinybuddha

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