10 Grounding Techniques For Empaths to Avoid Apathy and Depression

Empaths are truly special. They are hidden gems among us, the ordinary people. They are not lightworkers of the universe, but they are a special type of humans who have strong empathic abilities. They are strong receivers of the high and low-frequency vibrations all around them, but, still, they are not able to control the ‘tornado’ of emotions bursting all around them.

Because of that, they often suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. Anxiety and depression are a common mental state of most of the empaths. In this article, we share useful bits of advice how to avoid depression and anxiety if you are an empath.


Change the light motive of your thoughts. Try to become as positive as possible, to change the ‘narrative’, to open the horizon. Your thoughts define your existence and, despite the huge pressure, you have the strength to leave the negativity from the past behind.


Let your spirit go wild! Be physically active and make your creativity come to surface. Be creative and innovative, try to make some of your artistic dreams come true, even if it’s just an attempt. Your new mindset will keep you both physically and mentally fit and will be a great prevention of depression and anxiety.


Meditation is one of the most important things in life, especially if you are spiritually grown person. Spending time with your inner self and releasing negativity is crucial for keeping good mental balance. Empaths have strong insight when it comes to energy, that’s why they are able to use the optimal effects of meditation.

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If you practice meditating and yoga techniques more often, you will quickly realize that you are able to manipulate the energy of your body and use your chakras to improve both your mental and physical health. This is a great technique that will protect empaths from falling in the abyss of their own depression.


This is the simpliest and the best possible advice! Laugh! Scientists have already proved how important it is to laugh and how it affects our physical health, not just the mental. People who laugh more live longer, not just the empaths.


Being outdoors in nature will have a healing and uplifting effect on all. If you work in a city with no access to parkland make sure you get out at weekends away from cars and air pollution.


Combined with crystals the healing power of essential oils has been known through the ages. It is through the olfactory senses that much benefit is derived from the oils.

8.) LOVE

Love is the strongest emotion known to humanity. Love makes everything change and love is the trigger that makes people change. Of course, the change may not always be positive, but if you have pure love in your heart and only positive thoughts in your life, you will certainly prosper. For empaths, love is ‘ambrosia’. They feed on love and makes them become the best version of theirselves.


The body is made up of 75% water (some body tissue even contains 95%), so it will come as no surprise that this is way up there on the self-healing scale. Many of us are unaware of just how dehydrated we are. Drinking water, especially in the morning (the first thing to do after waking up) have strong effect on our bodies.

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This will always help empaths get over with their inner-self issues. They need the truth and they love it. They will use it always as their tool to show the world that we can all do it better. If you know an empath, try to show them sincerity and honesty, honest and sincere people make them still have faith in humanity and their own existence in this world.

Source: Gostica

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