Choose One Ancient Sun To Receive Your Guiding Message For The Week

The believers in the ancient concepts of the power of the sun will definitely love this article! The sun as a God is a concept that is applied in so many ancient cultures and traditions. In this article, we let you choose one of the three ancient suns of Helios, the God of Sun, and reveal the special message for the upcoming week.

Choose one of the three suns in the picture below:



Focus on living a healthy and stable physical life. Drink water as much as possible, make sure to keep your mind clear too as well as your body. Try to live as healthy as possible during the next week and see for yourself if it is going to make a change in the way you see your everyday life. It is time for change and you have a great purpose and mission- start living a healthy life. This small effort will lead to many other successes in many different fields of your life.


Many times we may feel as though we are out of alignment with their soul’s purpose. This sun was chosen today so that we may be aware that no matter how out of alignment we may feel sometimes, the Universe and our Spiritual Team are always gently nudging us back on the path. Be not afraid! You can get easily back on the right track and when you do it, you will see that everything you did before was just part of the development of your personality. You have to learn that your failures and defeats in the past are just valuable lessons that will make you stronger and wiser in future. The guardian angels and all other lightworkers will stand at your side as well as at the sides of all others who are ready to get back on the right track. Archangel Uriel will give you enthusiasm to be strong in all of your battles and will help you keep focused no matter what.

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You’ve been lost for too long without focus, without any purpose or goal. The apathy is something that often leads to depression and even anxiety and slowly rots your inner-self. You have to ‘fix’ your spirit and let yourself grow as a person. You must set your priorities straight and detach from your past completely. If you are an abusive person, stop doing things that make you act like that. Try to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and focus on yourself only. Try meditation or other spiritual practices that will significantly help you in your mission along the way to success. After the transformation ends, you will learn what does it mean to be truly fulfilled, happy and careless.

Source: Gostica

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