April’s Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Be the Most Spectacular Sight You’ll Ever See

The annual meteor shower is beginning! This is an awesome news for all astrology and astronomy enthusiasts who are going to have a perfect display of true visual performance of our universe.

The meteor shower, according to the experts, has already begun on April 16 and will last until April 25th. However, the strongest visual effect will be on the morning of April 22nd. There will be no interference from the waxing moon.

This certainly is an important event and it’s also considered to be one of the oldest recorded meteor showers in our history. This meteor shower dates back to approximately 2700 years after the breakup and trail of the comet Thatcher. This comet is very slow and it takes 415 years to orbit the Sun.


Radiant is the point in the sky from where the meteors seem to originate or start. The Lyrid meteor showers Radiant point is located in the constellation called Lyra.

It will be towards the northeast of the brightest star of the current season, Vega. Take this as the reference point for your observation, but keep a look throughout if you want to catch some long-tailed beauties.

Around the Lyrids’ peak, the star Vega rises above your local horizon – in the northeast – around 9 to 10 p.m. local time (that’s the time on your clock, from Northern Hemisphere locations). It climbs upward through the night. By midnight, Vega is high enough in the sky that meteors radiating from her direction streak across your sky.

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This important cosmic event has its roots since ancient times. Its called LYRID because of the ancient symbolism. The instrument Lyra, according to the Greek mythology, was crafted by Hermes(Mercury) himself and gave it to his brother, God of Sun, Arts and Witchcraft Apollo.

The effects of this meteor shower are not going to be very intense because of the whole ‘happening’ with the retrogrades in the past couple of months and the upcoming new moon in Aries.

Source: Gostica

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