Select 1 Sacred Geometrical Shape To See Which Cord Cutting Method Would Be Best For You At This Time

People struggle with their emotional issues every day and everywhere. The 21-st century human is way different than his ancestors, because we live in turbulent times where the everyday life is strictly dynamic and fast. Consumerism and materialism are the ruling philosophies in the world and indoctrinations of every ‘successful’ person.

However, by neglecting our emotional side, we slowly become empty on the inside. When those deeply buried frustrations of the unnatural way of life start to surface, we feel how awful anxiety, depression, and anger are.

In this article, we share the cord-cutting that will help you sever the negative emotional energy. Choose one of the geometrical shapes to discover your own method:




A bath with kosher sea salt, Himalayan pink salt and or Epsom salt will not only cleanse your auric field, but it will also cut those cords!If at all possible, soak in a salt bath once a week for approximately 4 weeks.



Calling upon Archangel Michael to help you cut unhealthy relationship ties is an instant pick me up.We all have a relationship or two that can zap our energy simply by being around certain people.See Archangel Michael’s mighty sword cut the cords that connect you and the challenging relationship with one swift motion.



Visualize the other person and or situation in your mind as well as a pair of scissors and a rope. In your mind’s eye, see the rope connecting you to the other person and or situation.Take out your scissors and cut the rope. See the cord of energy severed and going back to both you and the other person.

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