Get Ready For A Huge Energy Shift As Saturn and Pluto Go Retrograde At The Same Time

We’re passing through an interesting period of time. In the next couple of months, all of those who are interested in spirituality and astrology will have an exciting opportunity to witness another big retrograde.

This year, as a whole, was announced as the year of great energy shifts and changes on our planet. At the end of this month, we will see the amazing Pink Full Moon and we’ve already witnessed a couple of blood moons, eclipses and retrogrades already in the past couple of months.

In this article, we share something more about the Saturn and Pluto shift into retrograde from April to September 2018 in the earth sign of Capricorn. This is an important event for all of those who follow the stars and ‘orchestrate’ their lives according to the messages received from the universe itself.

In astrology, Saturn and Pluto deliver us some of the toughest but most rewarding lessons and are huge instigators of growth and transformation.Under this retrograde cycle, Saturn and Pluto will be working closely together seeing as they are both in the same zodiac sign.

This kind of cosmic events are, actually, a true rarity. When Saturn’s in retrograde, it gives a strong inspiring energy to all of those who are able to receive it. Saturn is always helping us to create boundaries, get grounded, and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

Saturn encourages us to assess and take practical steps when it comes to going after what we want and making the changes that we desire.Sometimes Saturn can also impose boundaries or create feelings of stagnation in our lives, but this is just so we can review what is no longer working and what needs to be cleared.

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Saturn is all about making commitments to yourself and to the life that you truly desire, so think back since December and reflect and celebrate any commitments you have made in these areas.

This retrograde should teach us that all lessons in life are, actually, valuable. This retrograde should let us learn how to control ourselves and how to base our decisions on our logic and intelligence, not only on our emotions and dreams.

Pluto in retrograde, on the other hand, will boost this whole process with the intense positive energy of courage, that will make you take initiative to dig deeper inside your soul to understand yourself and the world around you better.

On the other hand, Pluto retrograde gives us the strength to be responsible, to fully understand and accept responsibility. Pluto is always guiding us to peel back the layers and keep digging so we can find a new truth and reach higher levels of consciousness. Pluto is also the planet of divine love, death, and rebirth.

Source: Gostica

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