Scientists Have Proven That Negativity Makes Cancer Grow Inside The Body

Cancer is the modern-day plague of all humanity. It’s just sickening to show out the numbers of how many people are actually struggling with the other name of death in the 21st century and how many more had already lost the battle with this disease.

The experts tell that the modern, unhealthy life of all individuals, as well as the genetic malfunctions during the years, make cancer reality of modern humans. However, hundreds of thousands of people struggling with cancer found many different methods how to fight back.

From traditional medicine and various herbs and potions, to chemotherapy and spiritual healing. However, they could all agree on one thing with certainty- positivity, faith, and confidence is what truly wins the battle with cancer.

Being a negative person, on the other hand, will make you lose the battle before you even started. In this article, we share what’s even more sickening- scientists prove that negativity could, believe it or not, cause cancer grow inside your body.

The negativity of all beings defines them. If you are a negative person, you define yourself both as a spiritual and material being as negative. The low-frequency vibrations around your body will bring bad karma for sure, but it may result in the material manifestation of your negativity throughout your body. This is what Dr. Andreia Horta, ND, and Dr. Emily Lipinski, ND, founders of Infusion Health said about this.

Let us start with the impact of staying angry, being frustrated or feeling negative about an event. Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, says that holding onto these negative emotions creates a chronic state of anxiety.

This produces a predictable excess of adrenaline and cortisol, which deplete the production of natural killer cells. These cells are your protection against cancer. If you refuse to forgive it not only makes you sick but, it can keep you that way.

Since we are on the topic of cancer, a neat randomized controlled trial with over 83 cancer patients evaluated feelings of forgiveness, pessimism, and self-acceptance after taking a course in self-forgiveness. The course taught techniques such as reflection, expressive writing, etc.

As expected, the patients that took the course had statistically significant higher scores for self-forgiveness, acceptance, self-improvement, and lower pessimism scores compared to the control group…

…These are all signs of stress and anxiety. Recent studies show that participants who practice empathy and forgiveness to those who do them wrong have a lowered stress response. To further deepen this point, roughly 1,500 Americans who forgave reported greater satisfaction with their lives, fewer distress symptoms, less nervousness, and less sadness.

The experts are totally focused on one thing in their research- FORGIVENESS. It seems that the power of forgiveness is being proved not by the Holy Bible only, but by the science too. People who forgive spread huge amounts of high-frequency vibration particles and they have the inner strength and confidence to face anything.

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Their power to forgive and to be as rational as possible doesn’t make them weak at all, but shows that they are way above their own impulses and they are willing to invest in better future.

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