An Educated Empath Is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare

Empaths are special people walking on Earth who are as useful as Lightworkers for humanity. They represent the balance of energy among people and the purity of the idealistic human being.

These people are the perfect example of what does it mean to be HUMAN with feelings, instincts, and sense. They are truly special because of their strong empathic abilities, but at the end of the day, they are just humans with needs, dreams and fears.

Their way of life and existence has also a dark side. Empaths continuously struggle with evilness and hypocrisy for their whole life. They are not impulsive (in most of the cases), but they store everything deep inside their souls.

Because of this, many empaths are having strong emotional issues and can’t even define themselves as a person or establish normal connections and bondings with other people. If you are an empath, you must not let this ever happen to you!

Be aware that the world is full of evil people. There are good and bad people, that’s a fact and we can’t change it. Some of those people may be sociopaths or narcissist emotional predators who are able to hurt anyone, especially the empaths.
Sociopaths and narcissists are not smarter than empaths, while tons of people may assume they are, THEY ARE NOT. Empaths are without a doubt superior when it comes to being grounded in reality and able to achieve what they need to overall.

However, as an empath, you must be always aware that you have powers and abilities that give you the advantage. Also, you have a pure heart that make high frequency vibrations surround you and bless you with good karma. The most important thing is the self-confidence, acceptance and self-acknowledgment.

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If you are enlightened there is nothing you can’t do. These abusers only see what they want while you see things for how they are. We are capable of great things.

You are smarter than your abuser and you can get through this. The educated empath will take down a sociopath or a narcissist with ease. Stay strong and remember when in doubt use your brain to get out. Check out the video below on how to counter-manipulate a sociopath.


Source: Awarenessact

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