The 5 Zodiac Signs That Will be Affected The Most By This April’s Pink Moon

April’s Pink Full Moon enters Scorpio and this cosmic event will cause strong energy shifts all over the planet. However, you shouldn’t fear about yourself, this pink full moon has purifying and self-acknowledging effects over all of us.

We talked more about this event recently, but in this article we will be focused on some interesting and intriguing effects on our bodies and minds, also, the way we connect with other people.

For those who already are in a relationship, there is a big energy shift that should be expected. Expect a big wave of positive energy and positive thoughts. For those who are struggling to find the ‘right one’, this full moon in Scorpio brings another huge wave of passion and strong new emotions towards a certain person.

Those who want to keep on building their relationships and send them to the next level, this energy shift will give them a strong insight and criticism. Criticism is very useful in relationships and always that’s what it actually saves the relationship/marriage. You will learn and accept the importance of compromise.

In the phase of the full moon, which lasts on average seven days, the moods will be conducive to seduction and conquest. The astrologist encourages people to be open-minded when it comes to their sex life and try out new positions and ideas.

The whole Zodiac strongly feels the influence of the full moon, however, these signs will be the most affected during the Pink Moon: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Capricorn.

“These signs are well activated at this time due to the large number of planets in their transits,” explains the famous astrologist Virginia gaia.

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The astrologer is still talking about seizing the moment to get off the surface of what is around her. “Try to look within yourself, your spirituality. It is interesting to use this time to connect with these kinds of things,” she advises.

However, Gaia gives a simple advice for all of us how to handle the strong energy shift. She advises to be aware of too intense thoughts and, also, to be well prepared to keep it that way mutually with your partner. You should accept it as a normal process in nature and try to improve your connection better and embrace the positive emotions and thoughts.

Source: Tetribe

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