7 Most Important Differences Between a Soul Mate and a Life Partner

Well, to be honest, this is one of your favorite topics. There is a natural need to know the truth and all inquisitive minds are asking or a clear distinction between the two of the most crucial terms when it comes to a relationship- the ‘soulmate’ and the ‘life partner’.

We need to be aware of the differences between oulmates, twin flames and life partners. If we understand and accept these spiritual concepts, it will be a lot easier to define our own relationship status and, if we are still single, find the ‘right one’ and read the signs from the universe and other people clearly.

If twin flame and soulmates are distinct because of the roots of the connection and the sacral aspects of these two bondings, the difference between life partners and soul mates are even bigger. Be aware that the soulmate connection must not always be a romantic relationship. Life partner and twin flame connections are in almost all of the cases romantic relationships ( one of the forms).

The soul mate connection is very special, but being a life partner is also a huge ‘cosmic event’. These are the 7 most important differences:

#1 – A Soul Mate Often Enters Your Life After A Huge Life Experience

This is probably the most important of them all. The soul-mate connection is already determined by the power of the universe itself. Becoming a life partner to someone requires a lot of dedication, love, patience, passion and sacrifices. A life partner will come into your life when things are going well, celebrating and enjoying the good times with you. They focus on the joy in the present moment, bringing happiness into your life. A soul mate, however, comes into your life after a major life-altering event, bringing closure and personal growth.

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#2 – A Soul Mate Brings Turmoil, while a Life Partner Comes in Peace

Of course, this is the second difference and it’s very similar to the first one above. When you approach a twinflame or a soulmate for the very first time you feel (consciously or not) the whole Earth shaking underneath your feet. When your life partner enters your life, you may not even notice! However, as we already said, becoming a life partner is a huge success that builds slowly overtime.

#3 – A Soul Mate Will Encourage You to Take Risks

Soulmate connections are always wild by nature. Be aware that your soulmate, despite the love, passion and empathy, will push you to take any risk. They are self-confident and confident in you in the same time, and that’s because soulmates have the same mindset(at least in most of the cases). However, struggling for change and big excitmenet is not always the best idea. If you are in a soulmate relationship, take care all of your decisions in life, especially those that are essential and important, to be fully based on rationality and consciousness.

#4 – A Soul Mate Is Sent to Teach You A Life Lesson

While a life partner is someone that you will develop a close connection with, they don’t come into your life to serve a specific purpose. When a soul mate comes into your life it is for a reason. They are sent to teach you a life lesson, or aid in guiding you towards the situation where a lesson will be learned. When they have served their person, and the lesson has been learned, they often move on.

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#5 – A Soul Mate is Incredibly Similar to You, A Life Partner is Vastly Different

We mentioned this too- soulmates have the same mindset and they have even some kind of empathic connection. However, they are often predictable in relationship and it may lead to monotony. Life partners are in most of the cases different- ordinary people who are not connected to you by a miracolous invisible bond. Is it a blessing to love and hate the same things as your partner? Heavily discussable- you decide!

#6 – A Soul Mate Is Someone You Will Feel You’ve Known All Your Life

This comes naturally- when you engage a soulmate relationship, on a subconscious level, you may suffer from emotional outburst Subconsciously you will have a strange feeling that you’ve already known your partner from some past life or you will feel that you’ve already been together and known each other in this life. This only proves how strong the soulmate connection is.

#7 – A Soul Mate Knows You Intuitively

The intuition plays a huge part in the story too. The two partners in the soulmate relationship know that they are already determined to be one. When you connect with a soul mate, that connection is deeper than the physical and emotional connection of a life partner. You understand one another on a deeply spiritual or intellectual level. You understand one another’s needs, desires, and passions without having to put them into words. You share the same morals and values and have shared similar experiences throughout your life.

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