Kundalini Rising With Your Twin Flame

The Kundalini rising is a special and unique spiritual experience that only a few are able to achieve. In fact and theory, all of us are able to achieve spiritual enlightenment in the form of kundalini awakening, but only a few are strong, determined and faithful enough to succeed.

Twin flames, on the other hand, are special kind of people. The twin flame connection is mystical, energetic and powerful in its nature, is closely connected to the source of existence and the root of the universe. It is a connection that goes way above the human understanding and mindset encaptured in the 3-dimensional reality.

The energy of the twin flames and the high-frequency vibrations all around them, especially when they are united, gives them so many opportunities to use that energy for their own benefit.

First of all, twin flames are able to naturally establish a specific kind of ‘telepathic’ connection. Also, they are able to release negativity and heal themselves using the ‘pink flame’ and trough many forms of meditation and yoga.

However, the two flames have the power to achieve something even bigger. They are able to use their mutual energy for rising (awakening) the kundalini. Kundalini is the third eye, the mysterious source of existence in the form of the little organ in the middle of our brains.

When the kundalini is awakened and begins to rise through the subtle body, we are leaving behind our life as a purely physical being and dipping a toe into the waters of the spiritual world.

This new energy activates our higher chakras, untethering us from our incarceration within our lower chakras – though we will always have them and need to remain on top of problems within them.

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The energy lays dormant within the root chakra at the base of the spine until it is awakened. The effect twin flames have on each other is astounding.

The power of the spiritual connection joining twin flames is such that a simple meeting can leave them both reeling for days or even weeks afterward.

And it is through the twin flame relationship that we can undergo the process of kundalini rising.

For some, the first meeting can unblock that energy dam. The rush of the first meeting of your twin flame can cause the locked up energy in the root chakra to explode into the rest of the body.

Twin flames if succeed to rise their kundalinis, they will use it for sure as a mechanism for controlling the chakras and securing quality life for themselves.

Source: Spiritualunite

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