Ringing In Ears | A Major Sign Of Psychic Awakening

Ringing ears are always associated with tinnitus, even though the science is still not certain to give exact definition and explain the true nature of this phenomenon. However, among the many concepts and understandings of this unusual ringing without reason, you may take the spiritualist theory in consideration.

The chakras of our body make miracles. Ringing ears and spirituality are connected because of chakras. The energy of our body or our spirit is something that we have to accept as real and permanent, despite our limitations to exist and see the 3-dimensional reality only.

The energy of our spirits is what defines our existence besides our material (physical) part. Ringing ears are connected to our spiritual side more. The universe is also sending subliminal messages and, often, the strong and various different energy shifts must manifest to all living beings, this way or that way.

One of the manifestations of energy shifts is through our chakras. Our ears are connected with the crown and heart chakras. Because of that, whenever our chakras spot specific energy shifts, they may just inform your consciousness via subliminal alarming signs, in this case, materialized in the 3-D reality trough unclear sounds in our ears.

If you hear a ringing sound, then you know that it is not in your control, but the question arises, what to do in this scenario? When your ears are continuously buzzing, it is tough to focus on your daily life; your mind doesn’t allow you to work correctly and inclines towards the sound again and again.

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The best thing to do here is to focus on the vibration. Try to observe what you hear at what times, it will help you to understand the patterns of the sound. Soon enough, you will locate and channel the sound. If you have a strong personality and mental side, if you practice spirituality and meditate on a daily basis, you may be even able to make a distinction of the sounds and ‘define’ them separately according to the energy shift/spiritual sign they represent to you.

Source: Spiritualunite

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