Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy During Separation

The power and energy between two twin flames is something inspiring and a true rarity. In the world of spirituality, twin flames represent the strongest eternal connection between two souls, which are, in fact, one soul, separated in the time, space and all other dimensions beyond.

The true nature of this connection lies in the secrets of the universe and our existence. Twin flames unite, reunite and separate during their lifetimes. However, one thing is always essential and never fades off- the energy between them, the bond of strong high-frequency vibrations that surround the areas around them.

When they are together, especially when they meet (reunite) for the first time in the certain form of existence, they are even able to physically feel the manifestation of this powerful energy.

When they are separated, the energy is strong too. Twin flames are called queens and kings of telepathy for a reason! Maybe ‘telepathy’ is not the exactly right term to define the bonding between twin flames, but it certainly describes their mindset and emotional state.

Even though they are miles apart, and have zero communication with each other, something inside them, an inner voice, tell them what their lover is going through. No emotional barriers can hold twins from breaching each other’s consciousness. It’s all futile. The whole world might condone their presence, but they never do.

The strength of this bonding is also visible when twin flames are struggling with disease or have some body issues. This energy could be, also, used for healing. Twin flames could use various spiritual techniques such as meditation, to ‘inflame’ the pink flame which serves for healing purposes and releasing negativity.

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Source: Awarenessact

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