Violet Flame & Twin Flame: A Fire That Heals Everything

The twin flame connection is something sacred, something that holds an important place in the world of spirituality and also has significant importance in the humanity’s view of bonding and relationships.

The twin flame relationship and especially the reuniting of twin flames causes serious shifts in energy. However, the way we see and understand the world around us is mainly on how we see it with our own eyes, pragmatic and empiristic. To understand this strong energy we have to experience it for ourselves.

This strong energy that outburst during the re-uniting of the two twin flames manifests in many forms and variations. One of those forms is the healing violet flame.

For a twin flame reunion, removing negativity is essential because twins have to vibrate at a higher frequency.

When there is no negativity, the reunion is easier. Usually, unawakened individuals vibrate at low energy and the shift to vibrate at a higher frequency can be painful.

On the other hand, people who understand their higher purpose in life vibrate at a higher frequency.

These negative energies are present in the form of anger, hatred, jealousy and many other dense emotions.

Those who vibrate in higher frequency have significantly more chances to keep their good mental and physical health all the time, being immune to negative karma and learn what does it mean to live a fulfilled and a happy life.

This method of healing is not very hard to execute. All you have to do is remain focused on meditation. After you enter deeper in the world of spirituality, then you can learn new and more improved meditation techniques.

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After you become an advanced spiritual person, you will need to meditate together with your partner. The experience is not needed at all costs, but is very important to recognize the energy and, even better, to manipulate the energy (pink flame) for your own benefit. The flame is burning away the abusive past, daily problems and everything that might be hindering the way to positivity.

Source: Awarenessact

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