Heart Chakra Pull: Heart Chakra Connection With Your Twin Flame

In many of articles, we try to describe and explain the nature of the twin flame connection. This time we will talk more about something very intriguing about twin flame partners- the energy flow that makes this bonding so powerful and special.

First of all, you need to know that everything, everywhere and always is energy- the unknown force created the universe and spread this energy everywhere, we are just small particles. Our material 3dimensional nature combined with our spiritual existence is what truly defines us as humans.

The twin flames are spirits that were once the same soul. Trough different dimension and lifetimes, those two parts may reunite. The manifestation of the energy of the universe through this relationship is very strong which makes the bonding sacred.

Twin flames are able to manipulate the energy and use it in their own favor. Of course, if they are spiritually advanced they are able to do these things, but first, they need to be self-aware. Their heart chakra enables them to stay connected and have telepathic abilities.

Their heart chakra makes them able to seek the pink flame too, which means they are able to mutually heal each other, both physically and mentally.

Source: Spiritualunite

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