Cosmic Marriage: Your Life Long Partner has already been Decided

This probably is one of the most interest concepts in the world of spirituality. If you want to dig deeper into the secrets of the universe, you have to be aware that you may find things that will change the way you see the world and live forever.

The cosmos has strong and mystical powers. The energy that everything is made of has its strange ways of interconnections and various possibilities and options in multiple dimensions.

However, humans are obsessed with karma and the circles of the energy and it’s interconections. Humans more likely want to follow the rules that say- things are already determined.

One of those things could be the cosmic marriage. First of all, you must not mix it with twin flames. The twin flame bonding is based on a relationship where two separate souls unite (re-unite).

A marriage of love, on the other hand, is when two souls learn how to become one. They are determined by the universe and they have the positive energy on their side, but still, they need to use that energy.

This explains the mysticism of the universe. We have the energy that are we determined for, but it’s all up to us if we’re going to use the energy for good or bad.

A marriage made on the basis of true love seems very hard to come by these days. The reality of love is not exactly the comical romance we see in movies. The main reason marriages don’t work out, is that at least one of the hearts is no longer connected. Anyone who’s been single for a long time knows this: society pressures us into finding a partner.

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And then there’s the fear of being alone that stands in the way, and causes out to forget our soul-searching and just settle for whatever comes our way. No one wants to be alone. Loving someone means being connected to them, it will never be forced.

Source: Scienceofthesoul

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