12 Signs Which Show That You Are Demisexual

Demisexuality is kind of new term, but it has an interesting meaning. It is a strange cross between sexuality and asexuality, but represents sexual orientation on a whole new level.

Demisexuality is a state of sexuality that is manifested through a person’s reluctance to become sexually attracted to someone only if they form an emotional bonding first. If you want to check if you are demisexual follow the 12 most common signs:

1. You don’t rush in a relationship, but you are focused on establishing a solid friendship first

If you want to forge a strong bonding first and enter a trusted friendship, then it is a clear sign. Most of the people rush into a relationship fast, they want to end the uncertainty and define the ‘title’ of the connection.

2. You don’t necessarily get turned on by the idea of sex

Sex is definitely not your main purpose. Sex and physical attraction come second, first and most important is the connection between you and the person, also the intelligence and communication between the two partners.

3. You find it more enticing to sleep together with someone than to make love

You love the simple things and you love the idea of sharing every moment with your partner. Having sex fast and wild doesn’t really turn you on, but the fact that in peace and tranquillity you are able to become one and stick one to another.

4. The one-night stands gross you out

You won’t even accept the idea of a one-night stand. You hate to even think about people who don’t respect themselves, their body and the special nature of the connection between two human beings.

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5. You find it difficult to understand your friends when it comes to having sexual relations

You have a special approach when it comes to relationships and you want to defend your own views and understanding of love. The consumeristic concept of your friends is unacceptable to you and you are not afraid to raise your voice.


6. You don’t find sex as much as important


You find the emotional bonding way more important than sex. Sex is, according to you, just a physical manifestation or materialization of the cosmic bonding.


7. Personality turns you on, not looks

The emotional profile and the intelligence of the partner is what really turns you on. You are completely detached from the material reality.


8. Liking someone for you is not a small thing


You take these things seriously. Liking someone for you means putting serious efforts to forge a strong bonding between you and that person, unlike others who dare to like many people and play with their emotions.


9. You don’t shy away from commitment

You are ready to go to the next level. You value a relationship based on the efforts taken by both of the partners who are supposed to bring the relationship on the next level.


10. Quality conversations give you a natural high


This is very important- if you love having conversations, even if they last for hours and hours, that means that you are determined to connect with that person. If you value these talks more than physical manifestation of love, you certainly are the person we describe in this article via these 12 signs.

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11. You don’t like flirting

Little teasing doesn’t turn you on. As we already said, you love the essential stuff in the relationship, so flirting is just a huge failure and unnecessary waste of time, according to you.


12. Adult movies are definitely not your thing

You find them disgraceful and disgusting. You see those movies as a representation of the materialistic and consumeristic way of life of the modern humans and you just can’t stand it.


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