2 Powerful Astrological Events You May Be Feeling Right Now

This certainly is a magnificent year when it comes to astrology and energy shifts on Earth. Well, this year, 2018, was determined to be the year of radical changes and even more radical energy shifts that we will be all affected by.

The two most important astrological cosmic events that we feel the effects most intense are the retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto. The retrogrades of these planets are very powerful and cause impact on all humans.

A retrograde is an optical illusion, but that does not prevent it from being super powerful. Each planet takes different amounts of time to orbit about the sun. Saturn, for example, takes 29.5 years. Pluto takes 248 years. Mercury, which goes retrograde more often out of all the planets, takes only 88 days to transit around the sun.

When Pluto enters the retrograde we will the strong need for transformation.Pluto, which is still regarded as a planet in astrology, is the farthest planet in our solar system, which means it moves the slowest and stays retrograde the longest. It is the best retrograde for transformation. If something needs to be done, Pluto will know which one of your buttons to push—which challenges or lessons to present—in order to show you what you need to see to make appropriate changes.

The energy of pluto will bring you the key to release all your doubts and redefine your personality. You shouldn’t ressist to the change, but accept it and use the power of the universe to grow bigger and stronger.

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Saturn, on the other hand, represents karma and also has powerful effects when in retrograde. Saturn should teach us about boundaries and self-control. Of course, this has also a lot to do with self-acknowledgment and change. Once you find your flaws and set up the boundaries, you will be definitely able to find spiritual tranquility and open many gates and many new opportunities in life.

Saturn’s energy gives us the power to set everything in order, to improve our way of living and to control ourselves better. This is the energy of sanity and super-ego.

As you can see, both retrogrades are soul-searching events that are important for us humans. You should feel strong emotional disbalance during this period and unpleasant feelings. However, that is all part of the process and you have nothing to be afraid of, but you just have to use the energy to find out more about yourself and change your life for the better.

Source: Spiritsciencecentral

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