The Spiritual Consequences of Meaningless Sexual Encounters

Meaningless sex and one-night stands are terms that are very popular in the 21st century. We’ve said many times that we are not going to judge, but still, we will try to factually explain and describe how dangerous this new ‘wave’ of sexual connecting is.

First of all, when mindful energy floods the brain during sexual intercourse, a neural valve, which normally opens and closes, regulating consciousness, becomes stuck and remains held, in the open position. There’s a massive influx of energized consciousness. It’s the shutting of this valve, a neural recoil, which, under normal circumstances, initiates orgasm. Energy, when it rises up the central channel (Sushumna), suspends orgasm. The effect on the relationship, when this occurs mutually, is radical. We pass into a state of being that is more real than the physical body alone. Our bodies, mine and his, are experienced as what they really are; the dense extrusion of cosmic forces, the physical precipitates of a deeper consciousness that is more touchable than skin, and more forceful than the beating of the heart.

The physical and emotional connection synchronized are able to give you the most powerful feeling of passion and making love. The energy and vibration all around you changes and some people who are spiritually enlightened are even able to seek spiritual divinity using sex as a spiritual tool. The Kamasutra is actually that, a spiritual technique that enables people to reach their spiritual heights trough sex.

Now, we will talk about the useless one-night stands. The meaningless sex makes you undervalue yourself. Be aware that each one of us is SPECIAL and UNIQUE. If you intend to neglect your specialty, as well as the specialty of others, you will slowly become nobody.

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This is very dangerous because you won’t be able to define yourself in a relationship and take it to the next level, and it will happen then when you truly want to connect and settle down.

On the other hand, many neutral factors cause a huge impact in the way we see the world and ‘configure’ our mindset and pattern of rules and values. Porn, for example, is one of the most dangerous enemies of humanity, especially the young people.

This negative influence makes us have a completely wrong and sick view of what MAKING LOVE IS. Making love is equally based on the emotional bonding as well as the physical.

You just need to find your perfect balance and define what you really want. Even if you are a special kind of person that just needs sex all the time, or is not able to deeply connect with others, at least use the natural power of positivity given by sex and give meaning to the connection, despite everything.

Source: AwarenessAct

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