The Most Beautiful But Deadly Crystals On The Planet

The power and beauty of Earth had been a perfect source of inspiration for many to dig deeper into the secrets of our mother Earth and miraculous things.

Those who love geology will certainly agree that one of the most beautiful discoveries of our Mother are definitely hidden inside her ‘womb’.

The crystals that lie beneath the surface of Earth are just precious. They could be indescribably beautiful, but in the same time they could be deadly and dangerous.Below is a list of a few of just a few of the most deadly, yet stunning minerals ever discovered.


When discovered for the first time, Stibnite was actualy used as an alternative to silver. It was more affordable and easier to find, especially for producing eating utensils of hifhest quality. However, this crystal turns out to be dangerous because it was discovered that has the same toxins as arsenic poison and causes deadly effects to our bodies.


Without any doubt, cinnabar is among the fewest of the few most toxic rocks known to mankind. For example, if you only heat or disturb this rock, it will simultaneously start releasing mercury in larger quantities that you could imagine, resulting in anything from severe tremors to fatality. Be very cautious if you’re ever close to this metal. On the other hand, this rock was used in some ancient medicines as it was believed to have strong healing abilities.


This undescribably beautiful stone is a deadly combo of uranium and found within granite and it’s coveted among mineral collectors. If you want to enjoy its rare beauty or own this crystals, you need to be prepared to secure handful professional landing and storage. These crystals are radioactive and release deadly radon gas if put to higher temperatures.

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When broken down and introduced to water, beautiful blue Chalcanthite is capable of shutting down the vital functions of fish and plant life. Traditionally, this crystal has been used to clear ponds of unwanted plant growth.


This is the arsenic iron sulfide and its a deadly substance that tricked many- it looks similar to iron and fool’s gold. It’s very dangerous because even a small temperature above its limits could cause the rock to release its lethal constitutent in a gaseous form that is extremely deadly to humans. The warmth of the human body is enough to activate the toxins of this stone.


This beautiful and very rare crystal is formed by the combo of arsenic and sulfur, it forms near hydrotermal vents and hot springs. Believe it or not, you make provoke this crystals to release deadly neurotoxin by just touching them. It is known in antiquity as a good tool for assassination.


This is a beautiful crystal that is common on all continents as it’s part of Earth’s crust. This beauriful mineral is also toxic, even if it looks harmless. If you’re exposed for a longer period of time in a room with this crystal, for example, you may die by just inhalating the air. Also, you may die from touching this deadly mineral.


This crystal could be found almost everywhere in Europe. It has a bizzare,but quite intriguing look and it’s a mixture of many, many things, involving lead, thalium, and arsenic. If you’re in a direct contact with this crystal you may experience hair loss, severe sickness or even death.

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Source: Tetribe

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