The Significance Of Master Number “44” In Numerology

Out of all the Master numbers in numerology, the number 44 is called the “Master Healer”.

One of its special traits is that 44 doesn’t appear too often. It’s a rare number. However, it’s a number with a huge potential because it carries the significance of vibration four and eight with amplification.

Like most good things, the individual who has this number will take their time to grow and bloom to their full potential, but there is no stopping them once they do; after all, the number has the oscillatory vibrational quality of the number 4, on which everything is based in the study of numbers, and that of 8, with added augmentation at that.

The number 4 also among other things, stands in for the quality of constancy or stableness.

The consequence: the number is the remedy to all, the master healer.

The number 8 too has had many associations in the mythologies around the world. Krishna, the incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu, was the 8th child of his parents and the number is sacred to him.

Besides that, the Chinese and Japanese consider the number holy.

In the person who gets the number 44:

#1: Temperament

Absolutely Zen.

They will be rock-steady when others are rocked out of their wits.

They are trustworthy and cool minded, gentle individuals.

Their temperaments make them ideally suited to be leaders on corporate officials. They handle stress beautifully, like they were absolutely born for it.

#2: Choices

Thanks to their demeanour and ability to work well even under stress, these individuals make good healers and debaters.

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Thanks to their analytical minds, legal professions are ideal for them too.

#3. Romance

Their personality makes suitors line up for them like moths are drawn towards a lamp.

So it might take them a lot of motivation to settle down, but once they do, thanks to their temperament they make very faithful and honest partners.

In conclusion, these individuals are social healers and make very important companions for the individuals around them.

However, the flipside of their obsession with effort is that they can get fatigued easily. So taking care of their physical and mental health is of the essence.

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