Girls Who Stay Single for Large Gaps of Time Actually End up the Happiest.

This is a new era when all men and women in the developed societies enjoy equal rights. During the large history of humanity, since the pre-historical periods until today, many eras of both male and female dominance reshaped the world as we know it.

Today, women are again becoming extremely powerful. During the medieval period, patriarchate changed the antique matriarchate system and women were dependent on men for so long. Today, women are free and they are masters of their own decisions. They are able to live alone, without a male companion and that is completely acceptable, even if they have a child.

However, many people think that women who remain single are unhappy. That’s completely wrong. First of all, not everybody is meant to share his life with another human being. Some of us are determined to live alone and they find their happiness and fulfillment in their loneliness and isolation. That’s just a fact, and sometimes we must respect the individuality and the choices of others.

To put it another way, women who intentionally remain single do so not because it is easier than attempting to find a partner, but because their enjoyment of life is enough that they are focused on many other things that are far more important to them than landing a partner is; the idea of never getting married does not scare these women in any what whatsoever.

However, when women who often remain single finally do choose to enter a relationship, it’s usually with a strong partner who will both push them and lift them to accomplish even more success and achieve even more happiness. In fact, there’s a very good chance it will be with someone who is perfectly successful and happy on their own, but who is open to additional and different happiness with a like-minded partner—with a similar mindset to any prototypical yet 100% unique voluntarily single woman.

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