Twin Flame Magnetism & Attraction: What You Need To Know

We talked a whole lot about the nature of the incredible twin flame connection. The reuniting of two twin flames is a cosmic event, it’s something that is worth living and even dying for. It represents the duality of the universe and the true power of love and bonding.

This time we will talk some more about how twin flames feel about their bonding and how they see the strong magnetism between the two partners. Actually, the famous magnetism between the twin flames exists.

First of all, you have to understand the nature of the twin flame connection. It is a bonding when one soul reunites the two separated parts and it could happen again and again in different dimensions and worlds.

In the first place, twin flames may not even be aware that they need to reunite with their other half, and many of them won’t even succeed in a certain lifetime to reunite, but still, there is a shared connection in between.

The real answers to all questions about the twin flame magnetism come after the reuniting of the twin flames. The first moment they meet is so powerful and strong, that is the very first time they feel the power of the bonding both physically and mentally.

After that, the magnetism will grow stronger and will become part of their everyday life. This is important for magnetism across the connection, as it means that both twins are pulled towards each other at the same time.

This becomes crucial for reuniting twin flames after the runner and chaser phase, as the runner always has to work harder than the chaser just to maintain distance.In this way, the magnetism between twin flames always closes the gap eventually. This connection represents pure attunement.

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The silver cord is an emergent phenomenon stemming from the unity and shared the soul of the twin flames.

It exists because of the unique vibrational frequencies of the shared soul, harmonizing with and amplifying itself.The attraction between twin flames happens because of this energy.

The energy, on the other hand, is very powerful. Twin flames could perform healing rituals and meditate together to benefit both physically and mentally from the strong mutual energy and connection.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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