Most People Avoid Empaths Because Of These 3 Main Reasons

If there’s one word we can use to describe an empath’s journey, it would be ‘challenges’. From feeling other people’s pain to absorbing the negativities around them, empaths are such magnificent beings designed to carry these weights all throughout their lifetime.

But not only are empaths wired to face these challenges, they’re also wired to get immune to people who choose to reject them constantly.

While people have their own preferences and tastes, preferring the company of others over some people, their strong dislike for empaths goes way beyond.

Sometimes it involves a bizarre resentment even if the empaths have done nothing to cause them to feel this way. Well, we couldn’t see energies. But empaths greatly feel them.

This is what makes some people feel uncomfortable in their presence and choose to reject these empaths instead.

3 Main Reasons Why Most People Avoid Empaths:people-avoid-empaths-because-of-these-3-reasons

1. Empaths function as a mirror.

Some people operate their lives in total inauthenticity. They couldn’t be true to themselves because of certain aspects of their personality they want to deny.

They wear masks when they go out into the world and strive to be the person they’re not.

At times, they do certain things to manipulate people and get what they want. But because empaths have the gift of detecting lies, these people can’t go past an empath. The moment they execute their lies, empaths start to reflect it back to them.

What they don’t know is, when they shower disgust in the empaths way, they get it back.

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Not that empaths feel disgusted about them in return, it’s just that empaths are able to pick up their emotions and unconsciously project it back to them.

Empaths are just reflectors of other people’s shadow selves. What they dislike in themselves, they get it back.

2. Empaths vibrate at a higher frequency.

As much as possible, empaths try to avoid negativity because this can cause them discomfort.

For the same reason, people who vibrate at a lower frequency level aren’t comfortable either in the presence of empaths.

They cannot stand the clean energy that the empaths radiate.

Not everyone is prepared to raise their vibration because of the many lessons they still need to learn. Thus, they prefer to be around with people who also vibrate in the same frequency level.

Empath friends or acquaintances who are on their way to higher frequency levels are either being pulled down or rejected instantly.

3. The silence of empaths is wrongly interpreted.

Empaths are of a different breed. Their nature often gets in the way when dealing with insecure people.

People who aren’t self assured interpret the empaths’ silence and aloofness as being a snob or showing disrespect when in reality empaths just have an emotional overload.

When everything is too much for them to bear, especially when the energies around are overwhelming, no one can expect an empath to act just like anybody else.

They may even want to vanish immediately should they be given the chance to do so because all they want is to recharge themselves.

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However, others see this as an insult and feel they’re unimportant in the empaths eyes. With these insecurities lurking in their minds, they reject empaths and may even label them as socially anxious.

They believe, by rejecting the empaths, they’re punishing them in a way.

If you’re an empath and all of the above statements resonate fully, refrain from taking personally someone’s hostility towards you. You’re an empath and it’s just the way things are.

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