We Are Born 7 Times During Our Lifetime – Each Time For a Specific Reason

The various spiritual concepts and beliefs spread throughout the world offer a clear insight into the world of spirituality and represent a huge lantern that will light your way towards spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

Going deeper and deeper into the unknown may be dangerous, but it may be a revolutionary experience that is completely going to change your life. First of all, you need to acknowledge and accept yourself as you truly are.

People are going through many phases of spiritual, mental and physical development during their lifetimes. To help you acknowledge yourselves better and learn more about the phases of aging, we share one interesting concept- we are born 7 times during the average lifetime.

These are the 7 phases of rebirth:


This is the first birth and it represents pure innocence and beauty. The youngest among us are in this phase and they are pure souls, but they are disoriented and their ego is not formed yet, but only the Id. This is the phase where we are all dependent of others and we can’t make decisions.


This is the second phase and this birth occurs when we start learning things, but the first thing we actually learn is that we exist. Learning about physical and mental form of existence means building the ego and starting to exist for real. On the other hand, many other things are being learned too during this phase, and the things we learn for the very first time will play major part in the future development of our personalities.

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This is the time when we are pretty self aware of ourselves and we also start building the super-ego. We already know the set of rules put in a social patterns we are all ought to follow, but in the same time, we strugle to learn more and go beyond the borders of our everyday existence. In this phase we learn that being inquisitive takes consequences and we understand the meaning of responsibilities and obligations in life.


After having learned all the lessons from the previous births, this is the birth where you learn the sticky lesson called love. Understanding whom you love and why, is the sticky mess. There is an Indian ballad that when translated in English, compares the state of falling in love to a fly falling in sweet honey, unable to move and eventually perishing. If you are of a particularly romantic disposition, it is highly likely that you are in your fourth life. Be wary, but enjoy your loves to the fullest, for love can be crippling and rewarding at the same time.


This is the culmination stage of all that you have learned and faced in the previous lives. You will be hungry for recognition and will be constantly anxious before results. The con of this life is that you will be afraid of disappointment as well. However, the anxiety mentioned above will come with a certain high that is characteristic to over-achievers who love to see their effort reach frition.

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This is the complicated time in life when you need to be the provider. You put yourself second and you put others first, naturally. You learn that you are supposed to live in a social environment and contribute to the community. You may even think at the moment that that’s what life truly is- connecting with others and contributing for a better mutual future, but you will also open new gates full of new opportunities that will create self-doubts and insecurity. This is the time when you must find balance in life and settle down.


This is the last piece of the puzzle. You re being freed of your material existence and your soul is completely free of the birth and rebirth cycles.This is an extension of the sixth life, and the individual is still of an intensely generous disposition. However, what is characteristically unique about this life is the amount of introspection the individuals put themselves through.

Source: Soultravelrules

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