Important Information To Know About The DNA Upgrade You Are Going Through

The DNA data is what defines each one of us as an individual and unique human being. The DNA is the closest touch between humanity and the universe. Our DNA is how far our science went trying to find answers to all questions that bother humanity.

The perfection and mysticism of our DNA, at the same time, is something that inspired many to dedicate their lives trying to solve the mysteries behind the DNA. What some of them recently discovered will take your breath away!

Because of the strong energy shifts in the past couple of months, and especially in April 2018, people will be subjects of the heavy impact of this strong energy.Many people have been experiencing DNA upgrade. This is truly a time for a world-wide shift in spirituality and ascension.
DNA upgrading means that people are finally able to unlock the 10 strands of ethereal DNA which finally gives them a fully activated 12 strand DNA.These extra 10 strands of DNA that not many people know about have always been present right from the conception of humanity. But they were in an inactive state.

The activation of these ethereal strands is a very powerful process and can make one undergo a lot of changes in a very short time. Most important is the fact that this can give us abilities which can be unlike anything that any human was capable of before.

These are some of the abilities that are the final result of the DNA upgrade:

The power to manifest in the dreams of others and have the ability to influence the action of those dreams.
The ability to control our own outer body experience.
The IQ is suddenly off the charts. Not just the one that traditional IQ tests judge, but also the intelligence that strengthens our social and emotional experiences.
Our ability to harness our spirituality will allow us to have conversations purely at the level of thought.
The ability to control the inner workings of the body or biokinesis. This process also means that the aging process will be impacted severely if not completely halted.
Psychic or clairvoyant abilities.
Enhanced healing prowess.
Empathy, of not only understanding what people are going through in the present, but also how they’ve felt in a time outside of the present.

Source: SoulTravelRules

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