Telepathic Connection Between Lovers | The 5 Signs

The telepathic connection between lovers has been a subject of study and discussion for so long. This is an interesting phenomenon that is common for twin flames, for example, at least in some different form, but still, the telepathic connection between lovers remains a mystery.

However, this connection is real and exists. It is a communiation where both sides are sending and receiving messages, mostly subconsciously. It requires high energy to break the psychic shield of a person to penetrate their thoughts. Two lovers in a relationship often nurture the mind and soul enough to provide the necessary power to communicate telepathically.

The source of this energy, of course, is the universe itself, but the reasons remain unknown. Perhaps, the energy of true love forges an invisible bonding that gives special abilities. Anyway, these are the 5 most common signs that indicate 2 lovers are telepathically connected:

1. Knowing The Feelings Without Telling

Many couples claim that they know what their partner feels even without using words. It is the most common form of telepathic connection that lovers don’t realise they had.They know the exact feeling of the other because their minds have conveyed it to each other. You can even tell the feeling of others when you are not good at reading faces.

2. Sensing the Danger

Most of the partners make big mistake considering this feeling as an anxiety wave. However, this is a common way of sending telepathic signals, especially when one of the partners is in danger.

3. Having Same Thought at the Same Time

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This is another interesting sign. Sometimes, the minds of the both partners are walking the same path and their spirits are united, so it’s not a miracle if the same thoughts and feelings appear to the both of the partners in the same time.

4. Knowledge of Untold Things

This is what makes this connection so special. You will be able to connect beyond the 3-dimensional reality and you will be able to sense your partner through your feelings. Also, you will know things, even intimate stuff, about your partner, without even having a real conversation about it.

5. True Dreams

Last night, you saw a dream that your lover had a backache, and in the morning your lover said that they couldn’t sleep because of the severe pain in their back. Moments like these show that there’s a strong telepathic connection between you two. This is a pure manifestation of the powerful energy of the universe that enables even visualization of the strong dreams and emotions.

Source: Spiritualunite

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