The 10 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle An Empath

Being in a relationship with an empath is a difficult thing. It something that requires someone to be dedicated and fully determined to love, passion, honesty and sincerity. Empaths want to be in relationships where everything is in order and everything has a powerful meaning.

They believe in the power of the true bonding between humans and they want to continue believing, especially when they are part of a relationship. This makes it very hard for their partners and these are the 10 reasons why most men cannot handle an empath.

1. Asking too many questions

Most men want to keep their heads clean of negative thoughts and strong emotional pressure. However, empath women are very persistent and they want to make their point, to ask the questions they want and to be given answers. Be aware that they have empathic abilities and it’s not easy at all to ignore them.

2. Too much honesty

Honesty is a strong trait of empaths. And even though, a relationship’s pillar is honesty, too much knowledge can destroy it. Hence, an empathetic woman would end that relationship rather than holding back the truth.

3. Knowing what you want

Since, they have planned everything already; they fear that the entrance of any other person in their life might cause chaos. Hence, they choose to remain single.

4. Empathetic partners

Empaths don’t want a short term relationship or a one-night-stand from men. They want a meaningful relationship which average men can’t give them.

5. Intimacy matters

Intimacy is not an issue for empathetic women as they don’t withhold any emotions. But this might be too much for men. They leave, making the woman feel lonely. However, when the right man comes along, she knows he would understand.

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6. Seeing the worst in men

This is another sign that is very important and indicates end of the relationship. Some of the empaths had been seriously damaged in the past and enstragned from the ugly nature of humanity They may need a true and powerful reasurance in love and compassion. If the partner is not trying enough, they will be marked as just another men in the crowd.

7. The importance of consistency

Consistency in the relationship holds crucial value for the empaths. They are not going to give in, nor put you down, as long as you try hard and fully invest yourself in the relationship. However, some may find it very exhausting.

8. Empathetic intensity

They connect to your mind. They can feel what you feel. So if you think they are intense, you are right. But it’s your call, whether you stay with them or leave.

9. It is all or nothing

That is how they see the human bonding. As we already said, they want to see how much can you connect with them and how willing you are to fully invest yourself, both mentally and materially in the relationship.

10. Being independent

Despite everything, empaths want to keep their privacy and independence. They see themselves as they are and they know that their specific personality requires a lot of solitude and keeping touch with their spiritual reality.

Source: SpiritualUnite

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