7 Things That Hold You Back From Living Your Highest Potential

The modern human struggles very hard to find a good way to define what are all of these things that make him/her weak, dependent, discouraged and undefined. Moder humans want to go beyond all boundaries and become greater, more effective, and seek their own perfection.

However, there are some things that prevent us to live in our full potential. The modern way of life gives too much information, which is good for the inquisitive mind, but the fast, consumeristic and materialistic way of life makes it hard for one person to remain focus on progress and spiritual growth, while being pushed by the modern lifestyle in the same time.

These are the 7 things preventing you from living your highest potential:

1. You fear the unknown.

This is common for all people in the world. However, the unknown often brings excitement and success. You shouldn’t fear the unknown, but be confident and do the things right.

2. You have habits that don’t support your calling.

Sometimes the way we think and the way we act are different. You need to focus always on pragmatic changes, on changes that take action in the real life. The perfect balance between our beliefs and actions define our true personality.

3. You surround yourself with negative friends or family.

This is one of the crucial elements in life, especially if you intend to make it life worth living for, full of happiness and fulfillment. Negative people spread negative aura and it affects us extremely strong. Being in a negative environment means being negative too.

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4. You’re not fully committed.

Full commitment is crucial if you want to succeed in anything you do in life. Being fully committed means being fully invested and determined to succeed, to do the things with 100% capacity.

5. You lack the right vision.

Having a clear vision of what your passions are is crucial. It’s almost like a half way there. You need to have a clear vision of your best self. If you lack clear vision, you easily give up when faced with challenges along the way because you forget what you are after.

6. You don’t have enough faith.

Having faith in yourself, but in the positive energy throughout the world too is very important. This mindset will bring you positive karma and will help you remain surrounded by high-frequency vibrations.

7. You are inconsistent.

Consistency will teach you that true success and fulfillment is permanent, and permanent things require full consistency. If you already decided to determine yourself to a certain purpose, consistency is one of the key ingredients for successful finishing.

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