What Is The 7th Sense And How You Can Actually Tap Into It

The concept of dimensions is still something that is hard to understand and accept for most of the people. Especially in the 21st century, where we all have a fully empiristic approach to all things, and we take pragmatic actions only, completely neglecting our spirituality- the result is humans who live trapped in the 3-Dimensional material reality.

The 6th and the 7th sense are something beyond the material reality. The sixth sense, for an example, connects the human feelings to our body.The seventh sense connects us to the Universal Self through Unity Consciousness. It bypasses the physical world and directs us to access all the information contained in the entire universe without the use of channels or intermediaries. It is called the Akashic Records or the Hall of Records.

You may wonder if accessing the seventh sense requires a lot of work. In reality, humans have been using this seventh sense without their consciousness. It is when you ask the Universe a question and you receive the answer with much accuracy. Accessing the seventh sense is characterized by pure knowing.

To access the seventh sense is not very simple, but there is a 4-step method that may be very helpful.

1. Using all the resources the Universe gives you

By consciously using all the resources available to you in the universe, the seventh sense is cultivated. You can even know the past, present, and future by tapping into the seventh sense and inquire. You will know everything if you know how to cultivate the seventh sense fully.

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2. Contemplation

Sit quietly in contemplation and listen to what the Universe might be telling you.

3. Remain open in a state of wonder

Use the wonder of the child that is still within you. It is a gateway to a greater knowledge, higher consciousness or enlightenment.

4. Ask

When you ask, the Universe listens. It will give you the information according to your level of understanding. As you go deeper, the spectrum broadens. Yet, keep in mind that the information is relative to the physical plane as a more comprehensive version of reality. The human nervous system doesn’t have the capacity to contain light in its totality.

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