Go for a Twin Flame, Not a Soul Mate

There is a clear difference between the twin flame and the soul mate connection. First of all, there is a certain difference that enables us to make a clear distinction- the twin flame connection represents a soul that is as old as time and universe itself and during many lifetimes and different dimensions, this separated soul is reunited over and over again.

The twin flame concept is known to humanity since ever, and the modern spiritual teachings also base many beliefs and philosophies on this special bonding. However, the soul mate connection is something that doesn’t need to be underrated too.

This is a connection between two souls that are strongly connected, both with their physical and spiritual existence. They are made of the same spiritual essence and they are extremely compatible as a pair. However, the soul mate connection doesn’t always need to be a romantic partnership, but also a friendship, sibling or a parent-child relationship.

Anyway, those who are dedicated to spirituality and care about their own growth in this reality, want to know what is the best decision for them. Many people claim that is extremely hard to find a truly dedicated, compassionate and sensitive partner to share your life with and build a future as one.

It is not so hard to find a soulmate, today we may approach different people of different kinds and the social media help us to be even more successful in our search for soulmates. However, the twin flame connection is something sacred.

We just can’t tell you a single piece of advice how could you find your twin flame, if you have it. It is just a pure synchronicity and the power of the universe itself, manifested in many forms that define this special bonding.

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Let’s look at the crucial differences. There can be many soul mates. There can only be one divine counterpart in the physical or soul, that is the twin flame.

* Soul mates know each other form another life.
Twin flames know each other from the beginning of time.
* Soul mates are there for your personal growth.
Twin flames are to complete you.
* With soul mates, you feel that you have met the person before.
With twin flames, you feel you know each other inside out and the discovery can go on forever.
* With soul mates, you have lessons together.
With twin flames, you feel complete yet have some lessons together.
* With souls mates, you will sometimes feel you have met other soul mates.
With twin flames, you have never felt this deep before from a soul mate.
* With soul mates, some lessons are challenging and you may need to resolve something.
With twin flames, you both go beyond the challenges together … the connection is unfathomable.

Source: SpiritualUnite


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